Different kinds of stabilisation by using net - driveways, roads, busy areas, temporary car parks, slopes and in connection with casting

Concrete Reinforcing Mesh
A rational and complete solution to settling problems in connection with casting concrete floors.
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Road Reinforcement
A safe and easy way to achieve a stable foundation.

When the net is used for road surfacing and foundation, it prevents the foundation material from sinking into the lower layer. The net also disperses the pressure throughout the whole area because of its rigidity and thereby reduces the settling effects.
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Erosion Control
Net used for construction of slopes - the net e.g. prevents erosion of the soil.

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Temporary Road/Car Park
Grass areas can easily be reinforced with EXPO-NET reinforcement nets in places which are to be used as e.g. temporary roads, car parks for exhibitions, animal shows or larger building sites, etc.
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Reinforcement of Driveways
The long-life solution when constructing driveways.

The reinforcement nets solve the problem that far too many home owners are familiar with – the flagstones sink because of the weight of the car.
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