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Latest News

16/12/2011 Snow fence is one of the first products designed by EXPO-NET?

Drifting snow is becoming an increasing problem due to the past couple of snowy winthers. This has encreased the popularity of our Snow Fence...

Snow Fence is easy, quick and safe to erect resulting in effective protection against drifting snow.

EXPO-NET Snow Fence is made from the environmentally friendly material, polyethylene which requires no maintenance. It is UV stabilised giving the fence a considerably longer life than alternative solutions such as a wooden fence.

You get the best result if erecting the SnowFence about 20 meters from the area which you want to protect and with a post every 2 meters. It is easy and quick to erect or take down the Snow Fence and when the winter is over, the Snow Fence only requires limited storage space.

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