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11/02/2010 BIO-BLOK® 300 - new type in the BIO-BLOK® range

We are proud to introduce our most recent concept of a fixed filter media...

For about 18 years EXPO-NET has manufactured and sold different types of BIO-BLOK® filter media for all kinds of waste waters, e.g. BIO-BLOK® 100, BIO-BLOK® 150 and BIO-BLOK® 200.

In continuation of this we now have the pleasure of introducing our most recent concept of a fixed filter media which we have named BIO-BLOK® 300. This filter media will be extremely well-suited for building-in in trickling filters, aerobic filters, anaerobic filters, contact filters etc. - the imagination is the only limitation.

The size of the net tubes is designed in such a way that it is possible to achieve a consistent, hydraulic flow through the filter so that the maximum contact is secured to the bacteria that inhabit the filter. This consistent flow has been even more improved by the fact that the tube ends are welded together in both tube ends and also in the middle of the tube. At the same time the net tubes are produced with a rough surface that contributes to a fast and efficient formation of bacteria on the filter media. This makes a fast start-up and stable process possible.

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