Tree Guard Mesh & Vine Nets


Tree Guard Mesh & Vine Nets


Tree Guard Mesh
EXPO-NET tree guard mesh was designed to give maximum protection of and to ensure the best possible living conditions for young trees.

It is far preferable to choose a tree guard for protection of trees because the meshes of the tree guard allow sufficient ventilation of the tree. Furthermore, the optimal climate around the tree speeds up and improves the growth of the stem. Sufficient ventilation is essential in order to prevent the air humidity around the tree from getting too high and thus damage the tree.

The special mesh structure of our tree guards makes the tree “visible” contrary to many common tree guard types, and the colours of our tree guards merge naturally into the landscape.

Most of our tree guards are made with four preformed folds making the installation of the tree guards very easy.

Vine Nets

EXPO-NET vine nets protect the vine plants against attacks from rodents and - if the vineyard is situated on a rocky slope - against being damaged by fallen pebbles, stones and the like.

The special structure of the wine net also influences on the vines growth as the net helps creating a perfect climate that improves and optimises the growth.

EXPO-NET vine net is available as cut pieces or on rolls.


60M – Spray Shields

A tree guard with a thick 30cm high foil in the bottom to protect in areas where weed-killers are used.

This specific tree guard ensures maximum protection and at the same time you still have all the advantages by using a mesh. A stiff mesh with strong, vertical threads.

140M - Fine Mesh Guard

A fine meshed tree guard with an enhanced tread for every second cm. The tree guard is stiff and self-supporting. Due to the fine meshes, the tree guard ensures good protection against the wind.

161-A – Preform With Vertical Slit

A ridged mesh tube cut lengthwise so that it is possible to wrap the mesh around the tree stem after the tree has been planted.

The following tree guard types are included in our standard range:

  Article no.   Type   Diameter   Length   Colour   Per pallet
  '020620-04'   Heavy Duty Guard
  63cm   25m   Black   6 rolls
  '024723-90'   Tree Guard Sleeve
  100-250mm   50m   Black   60 rolls
  '743206-02'   Light Guard
  145mm   130m   Black   16 rolls
  '745009-01-'   Tree Guard Type 5
  Various   50m   Brown   18 rolls
All measures are approximate

  Article no.   Type   Diameter   Height   Colour   Per pallet
  '743257-060'   Fine Mesh Guard
  170mm   60cm   Green   2,800 pcs.
  '743330-150'   Orchard Guard
  140mm   150cm   Black   1,000 pcs.
  '743342-120'   Wind Guard
  190mm   120cm   Green   2,000 pcs.
  '743350-060'   Spray Shields
  120mm   60cm   Green   6,000 pcs.
  '743540-120'   Wide Guard
  190mm   120cm   Green   1,600 pcs.
  '743607-'   Preform with Vertical Slit
  62mm   60cm   Black   100 bags
  of 3 pcs.
All measures are approximate

All EXPO-NET tree guards are UV stabilised. The tree guards are available either in roll form or as cut pieces packed plane.

The following vine net types are included in our standard range:

  Article no.   Type   Diameter   Height / Roll Length   Colour   Per pallet
  '845701-05'   Vine Net (Pre-cut)
  140mm     60cm / -   Blue   4,800 pcs.
  '842701-01'   Vine Net (Roll Form)
  150mm            - / 50m   Black   32 rolls
All measures are approximate

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