Windbreak - Horticulture


Windbreak - Horticulture

EXPO-NET windbreak provides excellent growing conditions for plants and trees. The windbreak protects against destructive winds that damage the plants, so by using this mesh you get increased crop yields.

The windbreak reduces the wind speed efficiently which improves the growing conditions in your kitchen garden. As an extra gain, the windbreak helps reducing frost and insect attacks, earth erosion and water evaporation.

Type 105, which is a square mesh windbreak is the perfect choice for making windbreak e.g. installed on support frames to be erected between lines of small, young plants.
This type is a softer, diamond mesh windbreak. The mesh can be used for the same purpose as the other windbreak types e.g. as cover on garden frames.
EXPO-1211 is another option. This windbreak mesh with hive-shaped meshes is the heaviest and widest/highest mesh used for this application. EXPO-1211 is the only mesh available in grey colour.

The following types are included in our standard range:

  Article no.   Type   Mesh size   Thread   Width   Length   Colour
  '205129-'   105   5 x 5mm   1.3mm   100cm   10m   Green
  '205136-'   105   5 x 5mm   1.3mm   100cm   25m   Green
  '293126-'   93   5 x 5mm   1.3mm   145cm   25m   Green
  '020610-06'   EXPO-1211   8 x 6mm   2.9mm   200cm   25m   Grey
All measures are approximate.

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