Safety Net


Safety Net

EXPO-NET safety net is a net with many applications. In connection with construction work, excavation and similar, the safety net keeps curious onlookers out and prevents accidents from happening. By sporting events the net is used to separate the spectators from the athletes. Besides that the net can be used for e.g. cross-country skiing where the net marks the route.

The net is easy to mount or remove, and it can be reused over and over again. When rolled, the net is compact taking up very little room.

Airport net - net for fencing

Another type used for barrier fencing is our type EXPO-1521. The net is especially well-suited for fencing of airports because using a net made of pure plastic prevents problems with radars.

F23-100/120 cm
EXPO-NET safety net F23 can among other things be used for fencing or defining areas on construction sites as well as in open areas (such as by sporting events).
1521-200 cm
This large-meshed type is used in airports or for fencing around playgrounds, natural resorts, sports grounds etc.
If an even more effective net is requested to prevent drifting snow, we recommend our types 15 and 16.

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The following types are included in our standard range:

  Article no.   Type   Mesh size   Width   Length   Colour
  '023345-100'   F23-100cm   40 x 35mm   100cm   50m   Orange
  '023345-120'   F23-120cm   40 x 40mm   120cm   50m   Orange
  '029002-'   15   40 x 35mm   100cm   25m   Orange
  '029001-'   15   40 x 35mm   100cm   25m   Black
  '029003-'   15   40 x 35mm   100cm   25m   Green
  '029011-'   16   40 x 40mm   120cm   25m   Orange
  '029010-'   16   40 x 40mm   120cm   25m   Black
  '029012-'   16   40 x 40mm   120cm   25m   Green
  '020630-01'   EXPO-1521   75 x 60mm   200cm   25m   Black
  '020630-02'   EXPO-1521   75 x 60mm   200cm   25m   Green
All measures are approximate.

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