Product data


Product data

BIO-BLOK® 80 HD G and BIO-BLOK® 80 HD GF (the reinforced BIO-BLOK®) are made from the imperishable material polyethylene, and are shaped as square blocks with welded net tubes.

The structure of the welded net tubes means that the BIO-BLOK® elements have a high percentage of hollow space and will also be able to resist the effects of high pressure.

Both types are produced in a standard size 54 x 54 x 55cm.

The weight of BIO-BLOK® 80 HD G is as low as approx. 8 kg. The weight of BIO-BLOK® 80 HD GF is approx. 9 kg.

The reinforced BIO-BLOK® is suitable in areas where heavy pressure effects occur, such as:

♦    Park areas
♦    Road areas
♦    Deeply located drywells
♦    Retarding basins


  Technical specifications:
  80 HD G
  80 HD GF
  Dimension (W x L x H)   54 x 54 x 55cm   54 x 54 x 55cm
  No. of elements per m3   6.23 pcs.   6.23 pcs.
  Volume   0.160m3   0.160m3
  Percentage of hollow space   95%   95%
  Water volume   0.152m3   0.152m3
  Weight   8 kilo   9 kilo
  Density   0.95   0.95
  Max. vertical pressure load   ≤ 2.5 t per m2    15 t per m2
  Max. horizontal pressure load   ≤ 1 t per m2   ≤ 1 t per m2
  HVAC number   191894.080   191894.180
All values are approximate.