Road Reinforcement


Road Reinforcement

EXPO-NET road reinforcement net has multiple applications where the net ensures a stable foundation. When the net is used for road surfacing and foundation, it prevents the foundation material from sinking into the lower layer. The net also disperses the pressure throughout the whole area because of its rigidity and thereby reduces the settling effects.

The road reinforcement net increases the bearing capacity due to the high friction and tensile strength of the net, and the special mesh structure gives a speedy disperse of the water pressure which therefore provides an additional benefit – a good draining power.

This type is especially used for stabilising soft underground. The net is very strong and flexible.
EXPO-1311 is very applicable in sandy underground and it can e.g. be used on hillside and similar in order to prevent fallen stones.

This type has bigger meshes than EXPO-1211.

The following types are included in our standard range:

  Article no.   Type   Mesh size   Thread   Width   Length   Colour
  '020600-01'   EXPO-1211   8 x 6mm   3mm   2m   25m   Black
  '020620-01'   EXPO-1311   27 x 27mm   5mm   2m   25m   Black
All measures are approximate.

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