Product data

Product data
BIO-BLOK® 80 HD GF (the reinforced BIO-BLOK®) elements are made from the imperishable material polyethylene, and take the shape of square blocks consisting of welded net tubes.

The structure of the welded net tubes means that the BIO-BLOK® elements have a high percentage of hollow space and will also be able to resist the effects of high pressure.

The standard size of the BIO-BLOK® 80 HD GF is 54 x 54 x 55cm, and a standard block weighs approx. 9 kg.

Please note that if the retarding basin cannot be built with a waterproof membrane, the ground around the basin will become filled with water. The soil can thus lose its sustainability which can mean that the side pressure on the BIO-BLOK® element is too big. This can be prevented by using robust backfilling materials and, where necessary, by improving the soil's bearing capacity by reinforcing the ground with a plastic net, such as EXPO-1211 Std. To see an example of reinforced excavation, click on the icon below:

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The reinforced BIO-BLOK® is ideal for areas where heavy pressure effects occur, such as:
    ♦ Park areas
    ♦ Road areas
    ♦ Deeply located drywells
    ♦ Retarding basins


Technical specifications:
80 HD GF
Dimension (W x L x H) 54 x 54 x 55 cm
No. of elements per m3 6,23 stk.
Volume 0,160 m3
Percentage of hollow space 95 %
Water volume 0,152 m3
Weight 9 kilo
Density 0,95
Max. vertical pressure load ≤ 15 t pr. m2
Max. horizontal pressure load ≤ 1 t pr. m2
HVAC number 191894.180
All values are approximate.