Warning Net


Warning Net

EXPO-NET warning net can be used for countless warning purposes – e.g. for warning against polluted soil and for securing underground pipes and cables. We can also incorporate a detectable wire into the net to assist the tracability of fibre optic, power cables and pipes.

Nets available in a variety of widths and colours.

Warning Net – Environmental Net
EXPO-NET environmental net is used for separating fresh, clean soil from old and possibly polluted soil.

The net is used in connection with the removal of soil polluted as a result of industrial spillage, buried waste, leaks from buried tanks and dumped chemical waste.
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Marking Net
Marking net is an ideal product for protecting against excavation damage to gas, water and district heating pipes.

The special mesh size of the net enables the net to be caught by the excavator's teeth during excavation and brought up to the surface. »
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Detectable Net
The detectable net is an extended version of the marking net. This type of net is equipped with detecable wire and, just like the marking net, warns the net about underground cables and pipes.

Thanks to either a specific choice of colour or text on the net, it is possible to identify precisely what the net is covering. »
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