Snow Tubes


Snow Tubes

EXPO-NET snow & ventilation tubes keep the house sound among other things by preventing drifting snow while at the same time getting good ventilation on e.g. isolated lofts where good ventilation is an absolute necessity. Warm, stagnant air above the isolation on the loft reduces the insulating power and increases the snow melting on the roof.

Snow Tube Ø22 and Ø32
With EXPO-NET snow tubes you avoid problems with drifting snow.

The snow tubes work clog with snow. In that way drifting snow cannot get into the loft and when the snow melts, you get free ventilation again.

Snow Tubes Ø32, Ø42, Ø56 and Ø70 with profile
As a result of customer enquiries we decided to develop our traditional EXPO-NET snow tubes even further to make it easier to apply and fix.

Therefore, we are now able to supply our two types Ø32, Ø42, Ø56 and Ø70 with an integral profile which allows the snow tubes to be firmly nailed into position.

This product is patented.
Ventilation Tubes Ø42 and Ø62

EXPO-NET ventilation tubes have a larger diameter with a slightly different mesh structure than snow tube Ø32.

The ventilation tubes make sure that the air gap between the insulation and the roofing underlay is kept free.

In that way you are ensured good ventilation of the cold loft and at the same time birds and small animals are kept out.

The following types are included in our standard range:

  Article no.   Type   Diameter   Length   Colour   Weather
  '021000-01'   Snow tube Ø22   22mm   2m   Black   Down to  -40 ° C
  '022000-01'   Snow tube Ø32   32mm   4m   Black   Down to - 40 ° C
  '022000-021'   Ø32 with profile   32mm   2m   Black   Down to  -40 ° C
  '022000-02'   Ø32 with profile   32mm   4m   Black   Down to - 40 ° C
  '022010-02'   Ø42 with profile   42mm   4m   Black   Down to - 40 ° C
  '022015-04'   Ø56 with profile   56mm   2m   Black   Down to - 40 ° C
  '022022-04'   Ø70 with profile   70mm   2m   Black   Down to - 40 ° C
  022010-01'   Ventilation tube Ø42   42mm   4m   Black   Down to - 40 ° C
  '022020-01'   Ventilation tube Ø62   62mm   4m   Black   Down to - 40 ° C
All measures are approximate.

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