Industrial - products

Our industrial range consists partly of a number of standard types which are kept in stock and partly of a very large number of specially designed products developed in cooperation with our customers.

These products are special nets manufactured for use in industry and in the product range you will find products such as filter tubes for ventilation, nets and palletising sheets for protecting machine parts, furniture, bottles, etc. in connection with both transport and secure storage.

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Bottle Sleeving

Packs and protects the bottles in the best way during transport.
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Filtration Flexible Sleeving, Ridged Cores & Cages

Environmentally friendly products for manufacturing filters, filter cartridges and etc.
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Food Industry Nets

Nets for different industrial purposes – e.g. cheese dairies, smokehouses and the restaurant sector.
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Palletizing Sheets

Effective and simple protection of items during transport.
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Protective Sleeving

Provides perfect protection for packaging, dispatch and storage of spare parts and similar.
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Stillage Separator Nets

Separates and protects e.g. against shocks during transport etc.
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