Bottle Sleeving


Bottle Sleeving

EXPO-NET bottle sleeving is a range of products with multiple applications. The bottle sleeving protects bottles during transport and is a cost effective and straightforward method of protecting bottles displayed in shops and other points of sale. The sleeving is easy to apply.

The bottle sleeving is also used in food hampers or for transporting bottles ordered by on-line shoppers.

16M - white
Choosing a bottle sleeving is solely a matter of taste. This type is the most basic type with large apertures.
18M – white with foam
A soft, foamed sleeving with a special thread structure that gives a cushioning impact and therefore the best possible protection.
24M - naturel
This type of sleeving is applied if you prefer a more discreet protection. The flexible structure makes the sleeving hug closely round the bottle and the neutral colour does not obscure labelling.
The following types are included in our standard range:

  Article no.   Type   Span   Weight   Length   Per ct.
  '025162-195'   16M - white   Ø70-135mm   37 grm   195-200mm   2500 pcs.
  '025188-201'   18M - white
  with foam
  Ø60-135mm   37 grm   200-205mm   1250 pcs.
  '025241-190'   24M - natural   Ø50-125mm   25 grm   185-190mm   400 pcs.
  '025242-190'   24M - natural   Ø50-125mm   35 grm   185-190mm   300 pcs.
  '025243-190'   24M - natural   Ø70-135mm  24 grm   190mm   2500 pcs.
All measures are approximate.

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