Packaging Nets for Food Products


Packaging Nets for Food Products

EXPO-NET’s different types of packaging net protect fresh food products and also ensures that the customer can see and feel the product being purchased.

The high quality ensures that the nets run effectively on both semi and fully automatic packaging machinery. All types are available in different colours and variants, the packaging nets are supplied in rolls, as pieces cut to fit specific dimensions, and some types are also supplied in welded bags.

Our packaging nets are BRC/IoP certified and meet the strictest requirements on product safety, hygiene and quality control. » Read more

Fruit and vegetables nets
These types of net protect the fresh products and the customer can see and feel the content.

This also makes it possible to see any labels on the product.
Nets for sausage manufacturing (casing)
These nets for filling intestines cover a very special area.

The nets are used when filling intestines and can be used for both natural intestines (from porcine, bovine or ovine) and artificial intestines (made of cellulose or plastic).

Mussel and shellfish net
Special net ideal for packing all types of shellfish.

The net allows ventilation and thus keeps the shellfish fresh for a longer period of time.

» See more photos - photos kindly sent from Scanfjord.
Nets for sausages and other meat products

Nets for sausages and other meat products are used for packing hams, salami, sausages, etc.

The net’s elasticity means that it takes on the shape of its contents. Our range includes both nets which can be boiled (PP types recommended) and frozen (PE types), and the net is also useful for protecting the meat products during transport.
Net for onions and garlic
Packaging nets for onions are available in many different varieties.

The range includes different types of traditional garlic nets, nets for ordinary onions and a specially coloured net for red onions.
Nets for nuts

These nets are used for packing nuts, dried fruit and legumes.

The net makes it easy to see the contents and the supplier's labels etc. are clearly visible.